Dating Ideas at Luxury Models

Hello guys, as well as know our London escorts are the best and can provide you with one of the most sumptuous evenings that you could ever wish for as we are sure that you know by now. So when you’re out and about in London with one of our gorgeous girls and you’re stuck for ideas then don’t worry because luxury Models has you covered. We know that our girls can flabbergast you with their beauty so here are a few great ideas out with any of our girls;

A Bar is Always a Good Start

There are thousands of bars across London that we’re sure you’re going to enjoy having a drink or two at, but the best thing you’re going to want to do is start off at one of the most romantic bars in London which we know is the Blur Bar. You can find this bar in the Berkeley Hotel and you will be amazed by its splendour and subtle aristocratic feeling you have when you visit, but the most important thing about this bars and many of the bars in London is that you will find them to be full of our gorgeous girls that just cannot wait to meet and greet you, as this is a great place for meeting and starting your date.

Food is King

We all love to eat and if we don’t we just having found the best restaurant to share with our London escort with yet, right? So why not tour some of the best restaurants in London through google or in fact why not take another of our suggestions and go for The Five Fields. As you will know as soon as you walk into this restaurant, you will be blitzed with beauty and we’re not just talking about your chosen Luxury Model. As this restaurant can relate to the upper-class and being a truly perfect to go on a date with any of our girls, so visit this gorgeous restaurant and we know that our babes from our gallery will truly adore everything about you.