Spring Time In London

Within this article, we want to talk about the things you can do with one of our absolutely perfect escorts from Luxury Models. Our escorts are truly excellent and will provide you with some of the most exciting evenings imaginable. With so much to do this spring in London with our girls, you’ll be stuck for choice to be sure bure here are out top things you can date wise with our escorts this spring.

The London Wine Week

If you’re a lover of wine then the London wine week is definitely for you as you’ll have all the wine you can stomach at this fantastic event. A £10 pass each is all it takes to get tipsy in the afternoon and enjoy some of the best wines in the world. With this year's timing being perfect as well since the royal wedding will be taking place at this event you’ll find that the streets are packed with royalists and people just wanting an excuse to celebrate. This is definitely a perfect opportunity with one of our escorts that you certainly cannot pass up as we’re sure you’ll completely adore this week event in May.

Arcadia’s 10th Anniversary Festival

With some of the best DJ’s and electric artists being asked to play this year in their tenth anniversary you’ll surely be delighted at the chance to party here with your chosen escort from Luxury Models. Hosting a two day show of absolute brilliance you’re both going to enjoy everything that you’ll hear here. Tickets for a single day cost 45 – 65 pounds and a weekend entry is £95.63 which isn’t that bad considering its London and that your chosen escort from Luxury Models might be a bit pricey! Stratford, London, E20 2ST

Shakespeare’s Plays

If you’re a bit of an artsy type then you can always head down to the Shakespeare’s Globe with one of our gorgeous escorts and see one of the romantic plays that Shakespeare is famous for. Tickets can vary if you’re wanting to stand then you’re probably going to pay £5.00 but seated tickets can cost you around £22.00. Depending if you could stand for a couple hours we’d probably advise you with a seated ticket because then you snuggle up with your chosen escort. 21 New Globe Walk, London SE1 9DT

Book an escort

If none of these are too your fancy then you could always just book one of the absolutely incredible girls from our agency and then create your own entertainment. There are many bars, restaurants and venues all over the city which you can both go and enjoy it or just stay at your hotel or place and enjoy each other’s company. It’s all up to you at the end of the day. Visit our bookings page and start your day here.